The NationWide Story

NationWide was born out of the vision of two Indian-born doctors-turned-entrepreneurs to revolutionise the way primary care is delivered in the community across India. With over a decade of clinical practice in the National Health Services (NHS) in the UK, founders Dr Santanu Chattopadhyay and Dr Shantanu Rahman observed the huge difference in the way primary care is practiced in India as opposed to UK or the other developed nations like the US or Scandinavian countries. They realised that to bring the best international practices in primary care to India, the most crucial step would be to first bring the family practitioner to the forefront and create a practicing environment that is unique, supportive, rewarding and progressive. Their objective was to bring back the family doctor in a modern, technology-enabled avatar and simultaneously build a strong career track for general practitioners & family physicians in India.

NationWide was launched in early 2010 as a chain of primary care clinics providing personalised family doctor and allied health services to individuals, families and corporate groups. NationWide strives to develop family medicine as a broad speciality by formulating & providing best-in-class training and continued medical education (CME) in primary care. The team comprises of family doctors specialised in family medicine & primary care, with more than a decade of clinical experience in family practice from India and abroad. The company is funded through private equity from top-notch investment firms and is led by a world-class management team.