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Over the years, through my journey as a gastroenterologist and more recently as an healthcare entrepreneur, I realised my passion for bringing about a change in the way healthcare is delivered in our country. I am amazed that in a country with a billion-plus population, good quality primary care is still largely unavailable to the vast majority. So when my friends and colleagues wanted me to write about my thoughts on why I think healthcare in India needs some break-through ideas and focused execution, I decided to share them through this blog. I hope that what I write will strike a chord with your own thoughts, open your minds to exploring new ways to improve our flailing and over-burdened healthcare system and eventually aim to achieve better health for all in our 'Incredible India'.

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  • 10 Mar 2014

    In my mind, I have been carrying Doctor Basak’s bag all my life, even if it is just figuratively. Born and brought up in a typical middle-class...

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