Learning & Development

Doctors need to be constantly updated with the latest advancements, medical information and clinical protocols in their specialty on an on-going basis – both for their own professional growth as well as to ensure appropriate patient care.

At NationWide, we take Continued Medical Education (CME) for our doctors seriously. In an industry first, NationWide provides for a mandatory 200 hours of CME & training centred on primary care, family medicine and improving your consulting skills.

Tuesday Clinical Meetings (TCM)

All our doctors attend half-a-day of clinical meeting and training sessions, every Tuesday at our corporate seminar hall in Bangalore. These sessions are joined in by the family physicians from our other centres in Delhi-NCR via teleconferencing. Our in-house training curriculum is based on international clinical protocols, safe doctor practices and effective patient communication, ensuring that our doctors are up-to-date with the latest clinical knowledge and thereby offer patient care that is empathetic, participative and meaningful. 

Training Support for Qualification Exams

We understand that many doctors joining us would like to achieve further qualifications in Family Medicine. These doctors benefit from our hands-on training curriculum for the Royal College Exam - MRCGP (INT) and the DNB (Final) conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE).  Till date, our doctors who underwent the NationWide Family Medicine Training Programme have demonstrated a 100% pass percentage at the MRCP (INT) exams, with all 6 doctors passing it in their first attempt.

To access training resources from NationWide, please visit our CME resources section.